Forgiveness is one of those rare subjects that impacts everyone.  Whenever I teach on forgiveness I often ask how many in the room have been hurt by someone else and needed to forgive them?  And then I ask how many have hurt someone else and needed to be forgiven? It’s always unanimous which is why this book is for everyone.

Forgiveness affects every life, every relationship, every marriage, every family, every church, every business, every culture . . . everybody! Forgiveness can transform empty lives, restore broken relationships, reconcile hopeless marriages, heal hurting families, unite divided churches, rebuild entire nations and change the whole world.  And the reason it has so much power is because when we forgive, that’s when we are most like God.

In more than 40 years of ministry, I’ve seen people enjoy the liberating power of forgiveness and I’ve also seen the devastating consequences of unforgiveness.  No one benefits more than us when we forgive and no one suffers more than us when we don’t.  We all know we’re supposed to forgive, but Forgive Your Way to Freedom will show you how.

It was my desire to write a book about forgiveness that was biblically sound and yet would appeal to people from all faiths, or for those who have no faith at all.  As I share in my book, forgiveness is as universal as the law of gravity.  I also wanted to make my book clinically sound based on the quality research of credible experts in the field of human relationships.  But my book also had to be highly practical and easy to read with relevant illustrations and applications.

My book addresses the questions of “what” and “how”, but I especially focus on the question of “why”.  We can spend too much time on the consequences of unforgiveness but not enough on the benefits and rewards of forgiving.  The “why” question is about freedom.  Freedom to resolve my pain of the past.  Freedom to enjoy my peace in the present.  And freedom to embrace my purpose for the future. Once I embrace freedom, there is nothing that I can’t do!



Meet Gil.

Gil Mertz has been has been involved with full-time Christian service for nearly forty years and draws from a vast background of ministry with international missions, humanitarian causes, public policy, and consulting. He is a former pastor and radio talk show host. His daily commentaries on forgiveness have been broadcast on more than 300 stations across America. Gil and his wife Patricia reside in southern California.

Watch Gil share the WHY behind his book